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Collections Management in Dallas, TX

Businesses often need assistance with collections for various reasons. Sometimes you may have customers that fall behind on payments and others who refuse to pay. TFO Solutions is here to help you by providing our services using collection techniques and strategies that we’ve found work best.

What is Collections Management? Bookkeeping Services in DFW

Collection management is an important part of bookkeeping. Unfortunately, customers fall behind on bills and need help catching up. This is where we step in and use techniques that we have found work best to help catch up accounts and also keep them in good standing for the future.

Ways to Prevent Collections

The best way to keep your company running smoothly and ensuring that it is profitable is by preventing collections actions. Several steps can be taken to help which include the following:

  • Call your customers a few days before an invoice becomes past due. Sometimes it may have been an oversight by someone being out of office.
  • Send an additional copy of the customer’s invoice. Sending via email may work better than postal mail. Most invoices aren’t due for 30 days, this will give them plenty of time to get things paid on time.
  • Follow up with the customer and make sure that they understand how to pay their invoice. When following up, make notes of a commitment made to pay by a specified date.

We Serve The Dallas Area

TFO Solutions is located right off of the Dallas Parkway in Dallas, Texas. We are local and ready to serve you in Dallas, and the surrounding areas! We love to serve our community. 

Need Collections Help? Call Us Now!

TFO Solutions is here to help you. Call us now to find out about all the services we offer. We have representatives ready to help your company. Let us help reduce your workload and help cash flow.

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