The very utterance of the word makes even seasoned businesspeople cringe and cower in fear.

“Audit? Why do we need to do an audit?”

OK, before you go into hiding and crawl into the fetal position in a corner, let’s stop and realize just what an audit is, the kinds of audits there are and that an audit can actually be a good thing.

“Really? Oh, pray tell, please continue,” she said.

Actually, there are nine different types of audit.  And they all play a role in the success—or failure—of your business:

  • Internal
  • External
  • IRS tax (the one we all think of)
  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Compliance
  • Information system
  • Payroll
  • Pay

Audits are a way to objectively examine and assess a company’s performance—operational, financial, and other aspects of the company—to ensure things are working and where there might be room for improvement.  They all involve:

  • A review
  • Assessment of findings
  • Recommendations

In many cases, audits are a legal requirement.  But in the end, they all are about measuring performance and compliance with some entity’s rules. While having the IRS look at your books is daunting at the very least, if you are complaint and have kept up with your books, it will be a valuable exercise and worthy of lessons learned.

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*photos courtesy of Unsplash (Stephen Dawson, Markus Winkler and Mwangi Gatheca, photographers)