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Roxanne McKnight, Director of Special Projects

Roxanne McKnight, Director of Special Projects


Roxanne McKnight is our process expert, especially when it comes to accounts receivable, collections and invoicing.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Roxanne has a reputation of being a “fixer” inside organizations.  Her orientation to finding solutions makes her a favorite of company leaders looking to make things work more effectively. Roxanne works across organizations, rather than within the financial silo. She has experience with multiple industries from railroads to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and airlines.

A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, she earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in accounting, Magna Cum Laude, as a part of the University Honors Program.  Roxanne also holds the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation.  Her superpower is finding innovative ways to streamline processes.

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