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Accounts Payable

fractional CFO

More than anything, running a business takes time! Throw in doing your own financials and you are likely working around the clock, every day of the week. Have you ever considered hiring bookkeeping services and a fractional CFO to handle some of the work for you?

At TFO Solutions, located in the DFW metroplex of Texas, we wear many hats including being your very own accounts payable accountant. We provide a top-notch bookkeeping service that will leave you with more time and allow you to run your company more efficiently!

TFO Solutions Accounts Payable Services

While the thought of allowing another company to handle your financials may seem daunting, the benefits are endless. Not only will it save you time, but our team focuses our attention on bookkeeping services. This means that we are familiar with tracking payments and creating streamlined organizational systems.  We know where to search when the numbers don’t quite add up.

When it comes to the accounts payable for your business, we have all the tools to help keep bills paid on time, every time as your fractional CFO. We stay informed on when they are due, can help shift payment dates if there are delays with accounts receivable, and will provide financial reports and documents to always keep you in the loop. Furthermore, our company offers:

  • Knowledge.  We are specialists in the bookkeeping field.  Our job is to help you grow and obtain success rather than setbacks.
  • Security and Privacy.  About a billion dollars is lost annually to employee theft. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will keep your finances private and secure.
  • Peace of Mind.  You can rest assured your accounting documents will be handled with integrity and care.

How Bookkeepers Pay Bills

You may be wondering how our team makes the transition to handling and paying all of your bills.  Fortunately, it’s quite an easy process. The transition includes:

  • Obtaining a detailed list of all bills including rent, loans, insurance, monthly subscriptions, and suppliers. We ask that you keep us regularly informed on any changes or additions to this list.
  • Working through how you would like these bills paid. This may be through online bill pay, checks, or another efficient manner.

We choose to keep detailed records of your account so you are always welcome to ask questions or request reports pertaining to your bill pay. Additionally, our clients can choose to be involved as much or as little as they want when it comes to their accounts payable. It is our guarantee that there will be no late fees and bills will always be paid on time. You can trust that the outsource of your accounts payable process will be in good hands.

Contact us Today to Pay Bills

If you’re tired of falling behind in your accounts payable, it may be the perfect opportunity to enlist some help with a fractional CFO. Not only does hiring a bookkeeping service cut back on your work, but it also allows you the freedom to run your business well and take joy in doing so. Call today and see how the TFO Solutions team can make all the difference in how you run your company.

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