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Total Financial Outfitters

Services We Provide For Your Business

Pay Bills

Who has time to pay bills?  Let us pay bills for you on time, no late fees guaranteed.

Send Invoices to Customers

It’s simple, if you don’t invoice your customers they will not pay you.

Collections Management

We’ll knock on doors and pick up phones to collect your money.

Process Payroll

Wait did you process payroll this week?  We’ll take that worry away when its that time.

Human Resource Management

Need help with employee policies, hiring, benefits management and handbooks? Yep, we can do this too!

Bank Account Reconciliations

When was the last time you reconciled your bank account(s)?  We do this as part of our monthly package.


Monthly Closing

Every month you will receive timely comprehensive financial statements.  We will help you close your books!

Other Bookkeeping Services

If you need more, just ask us.

Annual & Quarterly Tax Filings

Got to love good ole Uncle Sam and his forms, we’ll make sure everything is filed on time without penalty.

Reach Your Potential Faster

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