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You Used to Write in Them, Now They are Important to Your Business

Margins, that is.  Sure, they are the white space on a printed page around the text. But more importantly, they are the best way to measure profitability in your company. You really need to be aware of your margins.  It...

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“I Gotsta Get Paid”

ZZ Top said it best and it continues to be a major theme in business.  If you provide goods and/or services, you need to be paid for them. These days there are more ways to be paid beyond cash and...

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“I’m not an accountant, but I play one in my company!” Or how to choose the right accounting software for your business.

Someone has to keep track of the “numbers” at your company and it looks like it is you! Where does one start when it comes to choosing and then implementing an accounting and bookkeeping software package? With so many options...

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“We’re bonafide…”

Actually certified.  Quickbooks Certified, to be specific. What does that mean? With Quickbooks becoming pretty much the standard accounting software for small- and medium-sized businesses, it pays to be trained in the methods and techniques of how to run and...

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Reconciliation is the Start of the Healing Process Between You and Your Money

Want to know where your money has been, where it is going and what it’s been up to? It’s time to reconcile with it. Or at least your bank statement. All kidding aside, reconciling your bank statement is critical to...

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Understanding HR Management

“Our people are our product.” “Without our people, we are just another business.” “Our people are our most important asset.” If you’ve ever uttered any of these phrases, hopefully you really meant it.  The workers at any business really are...

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Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’…Payrollin’

Payroll.  If you’re on one, great.  You’re on the receiving end of pay. But if you are responsible for payroll, you are the one who gets to make sure – or actually does—dole out the bucks to those you employ....

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Learning to Speak Wolf: The Art of Collections

Excuse me, is that a wolf at the door? Oh, wait…it’s just a bill collector. Is that how you feel when you ask for your open invoices to be paid?  You really shouldn’t because it is really your client’s responsibility...

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What Does What You’re Selling Cost You?

What’s all this talk of selling cold goods?  Oh, wait… That’s cost of goods sold.  And it is key to your business’ finances if you are making something and selling it. If you don’t know how much your product costs...

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“Excuse me, I Speak Banker…”

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner, is manage your finances and invest in your company and its future.  The key to that is having a working relationship with a banker. That relationship means...

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Let’s Consider the Humble Invoice

Ever since the first one was carved into a clay tablet thousands of years ago, collecting for one’s services has involved an itemization of services, terms and prices. The invoice was born. And remains with us, in some form, to...

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Navigating (the) Amazon

It’s been said “it’s a jungle out there.” And the fact that we have a business entity named “Amazon” somehow fits right in when it comes to commerce in today’s world. Are you one of those doing business with Amazon?...

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