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You Bet Your Sweet Asset that Equipment Impacts Your Finances

The company car. The company computer.  The  office furniture. The stuff in the shop. Phones. Signs. You know, the stuff that makes up the structure of your company? Assets. There are tangible and intangible assets.  Either way, they need, or...

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How to Weather an Economic Downturn

The economy is cyclic.  So it is only a matter of time before you and your business experience a downturn.  But there is good news: things will come back. Or so says history. And, at the moment, we are living...

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Best Practices for Bookkeepers

Bookkeeper /ˈbo͝o(k)ˌkēpər/ noun a person whose job is to keep records of the financial affairs of a business. “The business had grown enough to justify hiring a bookkeeper” Keeping the books. Controlling the finances. Knowing about the money side of...

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Rules for Working with the Funded Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are interesting people. They are talented, insightful, creative and visionary. They have an ability to make an idea or concept into a reality. Taking something out of thin air and making it tangible. But when it comes to money...

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It’s that taxing time of year

The calendar page has turned to January and with it…the thought of taxes. Yup, right up there with death is taxes.  Most assuredly.  It’s time to think about what you need to gather for the past year and also to...

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Simplicity.  Unnecessary complexity. Overthinking things. Applying the KISS principle to our business lives can pay dividends.  Originated in the 1960s by US Navy design engineers, it emphasizes that simplicity should be the key goal in design. Carry that over from...

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Set Yourself Up for Success

We all want to be successful—in life, our career, business, relationships.  It is a desirable state and one that is quite achievable. And, like just about everything, it is either a process or the result of a process. What are...

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Ask for What You Want

Mom used to always say, “if you don’t ask, you won’t know.” Still true today.  If you want to know something, get something, give something, meet someone, try something new or just want to start a conversation, you have to...

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A Win is a Win is a Win

Victory. Success. Achievement. Knockout. Capturing the prize. No matter how you express it, a win is important in business.  From the big ones (that big, new contract) to the small ones (the keys work in the door!), a win is...

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It’s Already the Fourth Quarter!

Uh, oh.  Don’t look now, but the clock has just ticked into October and it’s…wait for it…THE FOURTH QUARTER! And just like in football, you need to be managing your clock to make sure that you finish ahead.  Or maybe...

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Making Midseason Corrections

After the first two weeks of the NFL season it seems some fans are already looking ahead to next year.  Their teams have gone oh-and-two and the prospects for winning this year and making the playoffs are somewhere in the...

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“Going out of my head…”

Little Anthony and the Imperials sang it and most of us live it at one point of our lives: “Going out of my head…” Sure, life has its distractions, both good and not so good.  But the reality is that...

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