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Tina O’Banion, MBA, Founder & CEO

Tina O’Banion, MBA, Founder & CEO

MBA, Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of TFO Solutions, Tina O’Banion has extensive experience in accounting and finance.  She has been a trusted leader in roles from Controller to CFO in many different industries such as retail, eCommerce, healthcare, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and manufacturing.

Known for her ability to lead she has helped many entrepreneurs with mergers and acquisitions, she is a change agent and considers her ethics as her compass in life.  Tina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas, and an MBA from the SMU Cox School of Business.

Not your typical financial professional, Tina helps business owners understand their business through a financial or accounting lens.  Tina has found her passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed and grow their business by providing that accounting super-strength arm that most small businesses don’t understand.

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